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Times have changed and now we are here to protect you again. All SbShellz face Shields are custom made to your request. From the images you choose for you or your child, to the color of the side bands or whether or not you want it to glow in the dark. The SbShellz Shields are fully transparent reusable shield that provides face and eye protection from droplets and saliva. The SbShellz Shield is anti-fog and can be sanitized for daily usage. Once purchase is complete, a email will be sent to SBShellz Shield and we will reply to discuss further  about the image or characters that you would like put on the mask. Please make choices of colors for side pieces and whether you want glow in the dark in product selection boxes. We look forward to helping protect you in these new times.

  • Designed based on the human facial contour
  • The shield can protect the entire face
  • Made with anti-fog lens, makes vision clear
  • Protects eyes, nose and mouth