We got your back[side]

Our Protective Base Layer Collection

Constantly aiming to provide our families, athletes, and customers the same exact thing: THE VERY BEST.


Our new line of adult base layers are now available, along with our BRAND NEW GROM (kids) LINE of protective base layers.


What are riders saying about our gear?

Thank you so much for making these leggings. My knees and butt really thanked me on Saturday. Riding hard with the boys, pushing me to do more jumps was rough, but my snow bunnies [base layers] saved me. I absolutely LOVE them.

Laila (@lailapad)

Super stoked on my Shellz!!! Soft material, warm as hell, padded in all the right places!!!! I smacked my knee hard as f*ck on a rail. Went through all my pants to the pad. Had I not had on my Shellz [protective base layers] I would be bleeding. 

Bruce (@bjharkness73)

The only thing that stayed dry on my very wet adventure! I won’t board without them!!! 

Eric (@erictjensen)

These are so awesome! Best base layers I could ask for and so stoked to be a part of the Shellz Apparel squad. I had my first spring ride on the dirt bike and the base layers work awesome, especially the butt pads! I’m gonna go throw down the first BMX sesh today with my bases on, see how they feel on that because for the dirt bikes, 100% tested and approved by me!! 

Travis (@huckmantrav)

I literally can’t board without em 

Shay (@buddynub)

I was going to buy kneepads after a trip to the mountains earlier this year where my knees came home sore and bruised… I started looking into kneepads, but found that most were bulky and wouldn’t fit into the tight snow pants made for women. After some luck, I found @snowbunnyapparel talking about their custom base layers with built in kneepads and backside padding, and decided to give them a whirl. I find the butt pads to be a great addition on cold days and the kneepads to be the right amount of padding to protect me from unnecessary damage and pain that comes from snowboarding. I plan on riding for a lot longer; so protecting my knees is hella important! And my bum was warm and protected!

Nicole (@_snowfoxx)

These are so comfy! Thank you so much for protecting my booty!!! Happy bunny right here! 

Latosha (@ninjala420)

That butt pad gave me so much confidence to hit that trick [skateboard], thank you so much. 

Nikko (@nikkokimbrough)

I love these @sbshellz base layer leggings. Perfect for spring rides!

Ally (@puddin155)

I wear the protective base layer pants for EVERYTHING! Working, yoga, skating, shredding, and even just chilling! The material is so lightweight and breathable but sturdy and great quality! I'm stoked about new designs coming out and how much fun I can have with more confidence. Get a pair and check them out yourself!


I’ve snowboarded with these pants and they kept me warm in 25 degree weather. I was going down the hill fast and this guy crashed into from behind; he broke my board from the impact and I fell on my knees and I had NO bruising! 

Sally (@ms.adventure_seeker)

I’m the kind of girl who usually forgets kneepads, or if I have them I’m always losing on of them, or I can’t find the ones that will fit perfectly under my snow pants and won’t cut off blood circulation. But then I met @snowbunnyapparel and it changed my life. My knees and my booty always stay safe in my protective base layers. I’m not worried to forget or lose kneepads anymore, because they’re always there; super convenient for people who are ready to send it. I personally recommend trying a pair. You won’t want to take them off ;)

Julz (@lozzi_julz)

Had a blast riding yesterday in my fave leggings. So cute and functional. The heart is actually padding, which actually came in handy! Also has kneepads in case I ever decide to drag them on corrugated pipes again haha. Check them out! 

Katie (@_katiestrong_)

Riding [dirt bikes] today with my @snowbunnyapparel padded leggings was the best thing I could have done for my bum on long rides! They’re comfortable, breathable, and perfect for more occasions than just dirt toys. I recommend all my adventurers check them out! They make men’s products as well! 

Courtney (@courtlorrainee)

I adore them because they are protective on the butt and on the knees! It’s very convenient when riding a bike, doing yoga, and for me it’s the main thermals for winter sports! The quality and comfort are the best I’ve met in all the time! Thank you very much @sbshellz for your care! 

Adelinn (@iadelinn)

Dude! First time wearing them, f*cking amazing!!!

Catalina (@veganvibes.cq)

Obsessed with my @sbshellz specialty leggings! Not only are they a warm and versatile undergarment, but they even have padded knees and butt so you can snowboard, do yoga, hike or do any other sport with ease! Wouldn’t have made it through the day without them. Check them out! 

Marisa (@moerisssainz)

It’s amazing! So comfy, so warm, so perfect for all your clumsy needs. And if you’re thinking ‘I don’t fall…’ then ride harder. 

Jaclyn (@jaclynhales)

I planned on using them for snowboarding but decided to try them out on my snowmobiling trip. They were awesome. Incredibly comfortable. The padding in the knees totally saved my knees from getting banged up on the snowmobile. They are lightweight, but kept me comfortable in the 20 degree weather! 

Shannon (@shannonbyrne208)