"I can't speak highly enough about SB.Shellz base layers. Our son is 4 and an avid snowboarder. He rides at least 100 days a season and these were a definite game changer. This season he started using SB.Shellz, aside from us as parents  feeling he was safer, he felt safer! His confidence soared in a short period on time and honestly, it's because he knew SB.Shellz was protecting him. If he fell he would bounce up and keep sending it! As parents of the little shredder we are grateful for this product. The padding is light which still enable full mobility but definitely takes he initial sting out of impact. We truly appreciate all you do." ~ Jill & Gary Ruffle (@lilhomies802)
"So versatile and comfy. Thank you so much for protecting my booty. Happy bunny right here!" ~ @ninjala420
"SB.Shellz saved me years of trial and error by saving my ass every time I fell as I was learning. It's way easier to get back up and learn from your falls when they don't hurt!" ~ @PJ_DiPaolo
"Base layer pants with butt padding and knee pads are great for protection."    ~ @rara.rollerbabes
"SB.Shellz saves my life when snowboarding in the park. After training on jumps you take a lot of falls getting those new tricks and SB.Shellz saves me from bruising and bumps!" ~ @tristansommo
"I can't recommend these pants enough!" ~ @courtlorraine
"Super stoked on my Shellz!!! Soft material, warm as hell, padded in all the right places!!!! I smacked my knee hard as f*ck on a rail. Went through all my pants to the pad. Had I not had on my Shellz (protective base layers) I would be bleeding." ~ Bruce (@bjharkness73)
"I wear the protective base layer pants for EVERYTHING! Working, yoga, skating, shredding, and even just chilling! The material is so lightweight and breathable but sturdy and great quality! I'm stoked about new designs coming out and how much fun I can have with more confidence. Get a pair and check them out yourself! ~ Keely (@yungkeeze)