Launched in 2018, Snow Bunny Apparel was a four year old idea created by JC Santos. Snow Bunny Apparel/Shellz Apparel, better known as SB.SHELLZ, was founded with every rider in mind; not only for the protective gear we all need, but also for the squad support we all want. The protective padded base layer pants that started SB.SHELLZ is the solution to the one problem no athlete escapes: falling. And we're here to help you get back up a little faster. Members of the SB.SHELLZ can attest to the true success of their gear and the true heart of this squad.
Our gear may have been first designed for snowboarders, but we have grown into a team of so many different athletes. And heart of our company is our squad - a group of family-oriented, down-to-earth, REAL people - who are all dedicated to riding and growing as athletes, and growing with this company. We started out as "Snow Bunny" Apparel from our love of snow sports, but we have made our way into motocross, mountain biking, skateboarding and longboarding, and rollerskating (just to name a few). And with Shellz Apparel as our men's line, we have come to meet and know so many different, amazing athletes.
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As a long time snowboarder since high school, JC knows exactly what every rider needs – comfort, protection, and style. Not only is she an experienced snowboarder, she is NO stranger to hard work and commitment. As a single mom and business owner, she is constantly looking for something bigger and better for her family’s future, so when the Snow Bunny idea came to her, she saw an opportunity to create something that would last, especially with her ambition and passion for sports driving her. Eventually her idea of a family-owned business became a reality, and everything at Snow Bunny/Shellz Apparel (SB.SHELLZ) is handled with love, drive, and class. 
"A company to be passed down from generation to generation..." - JC