We pride ourselves on crafting the highest quality apparel designed with durable materials, and sturdy construction. These classic styles have a long shelf life, making for the best hand me downs. SB.SHELLZ HERO REWARDS PROGRAM is our way to give back to our community. We believe doing good for others is good for you too.  
Here's how you become a SB.Shellz Hero and earn rewards...
If you have an old SB.Shellz item just sitting around that is in good condition and functional, we encourage you to pay it forward and pass your gear on to someone who will love it just as much as you did.
Send us a pic of the person wearing the gear and tell us why you chose them.
We will gift you a one time 20% OFF discount code toward an item from our new SB.Shellz collection.
It’s just that simple.
Plus, we want to tell the world what an awesome human you are. :))