I don't snowboard... Can I still use the base layers?

YES! Our rep riders snowboard, skateboard/longboard, downhill mountain bike, dirtbike, BMX, rollerskate/derby, and some just utilize them for yoga sessions (the knee pad feature is PERFECT for yoga!)
They keep you warm enough to use for your snow season, but are comfortable enough to use in hot yoga (tested in 130 degrees). 

How do the leggings fit? (big, small, true)

You want them to fit snug like tights/leggings. The size you fit in leggings or long-johns is the size you want to order! Fellas, they go under your pants so there's no need to size up. Having them baggy won't allow the padded areas to do their job. See our Sizing Charts for details.

What sizes do you carry?

XS-XL in base layers, XXL in men's hoodies.

I live outside of the US. Can I still order?

Absolutely! For international orders, please contact us directly on our Contact page.

How do I get my home state on the back of a hoodie?!

Join the squad and build your home state crew! A minimum of five people per state will get you your own state hoodie.

Do experienced riders also wear the layers?

They do. People who have been riding for years still love to wear them. Not just for beginners.

Do I have to buy bigger bibs/pants to fit the leggings under?

Nah! Unless you wear your pants or bibs that really fit your form, they'll go under with ease.

Are you going to have more color options in the base layers?

Yes. We will have a special edition color released every season, along with a black-on-black option.

Where do y'all snowboard?

Since we're based in California, we mostly ride our local mountains; Bear, Mammoth, Mt. High, Tahoe, etc... BUT! SB.SHELLZ takes squad trips throughout the season, and since we have reps in other states, we plan to make it to the other places they reside.

How experienced do you have to be to join the squad/become a rep?

We welcome ALL levels of experience!

How do I become a rep??

Here's how!