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HAPPY NEW YEAR from our squad to yours! 2019 was awesome, but the crew is striving to make 2020 even better. We spent New Year’s Eve down at the beach and New Year’s Day shredding on Mt High. The perks of Cali living... beach one day, snow the next. 

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We had a blast getting some of the squad together and meeting new people to bring them our protective gear. We've always been so confident in our brand because our gear WORKS, and it always shows when we promote them. Even better, it shows when brand new people try them out and have that moment of truth during a fall, and get back up with NO injuries! We sold a good amount of the protective base layers, played some games to give the folks a chance to win some gear, and just enjoyed talking about the company. It was a...

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The SB.SHELLZ squad hosted a Labor Day BBQ for friends, family, and strangers at the Stoner Skate Plaza... it was one for the books. We like to put together events for the squad and their families, but we also invite others to join in on the fun. This keeps us connected as a team, and gives us a chance to connect with new people and surround ourselves with more like-minded, down-to-earth riders. We network ourselves because it gives the company a personal vibe, which is what has attracted all of us to one another up to this point! Remember, we don't...

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